Hello there! My name is Vincent Vander Cruyssen and I’m a graphic designer, audiovisual artist, and digital media guru. 

In 2016 I graduated with great honor as a master in visual arts (graphic design) at the St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. I did this with an audiovisual, multimedia installation of screen and sound. In this work, I pulled and processed fragments of digital objects, science fiction, and the ever so telescreened world. 

After my studies and internship at Mirror Mirror, entangled with freelance work, I worked in the marketing sector of a multinational. 

I subsequently went back to study at the LUCA School of Arts Brussels for a master’s degree in arts education. I carry an extensive wealth of technical expertise, knowledge, and skills ready to be shared. My teaching is focused on the digital domain where I seek to bring the digital matter to students of all ages. 

I still, however, have an ambitious appetite for graphic design, visual arts, sound, and all things multimedia.

After years of research and experience as a specialist, intern, and freelancer, I have created extensive knowledge in image processing, graphic design, visual communication, illustration, motion, video, 3D visualization, and web design. 

I conceive and design visual ideas into objects ready to be launched into orbit. The most popular graphics software for image manipulation is anything but strange to me, yet I have also touched quite a few experimental and open source applications. Through programming, with C# and JavaScript, I have produced generative imagery and procedural animations. 

Besides this passion for design and visual art, it is sound, music, and film that truly unites my projects. 

I am creative, inventive, adaptive, operate systematically, and explore deep substantive and conceptual views.