In 2016 I completed my Master in Visual Arts / Graphic Design with the project titled Honesis Pt. II. In this installation I recycle audiovisual cues from the science fiction genre by creating abstract user interfaces and soundscapes for a fictitious spacecraft. Both the visual aspect and the soundtrack have their own defined properties and animate between specific parameters, making it that the installation would (quite literally) never be experienced the same way.

By using the pure pixel and RGB-values I invoke a connection to the fundamental quality of the display-screen (or image projection). In order to stay away from video and audio compression I used an environment called Unity, usually preserved for video game-development. This software allowed me to visualize 3D artwork dynamically with variable camera movement, altering soundtrack and generative animation – creating the endlessly different experience.

The soundtracks were originally produced through cutting, overlapping and editing all kinds of recording-sessions. Field-recordings, digital synthesis, granular treatments, frequency-shifting and various mixing techniques were all part of my arsenal.

You can watch a small recording of the installation above, there’s also a visual web-translation of the main projection and you can stream and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp.