In 2015 I enjoyed an internship at Mirror Mirror and got to collaborate on the visual identity of Integrated 2015, the 5th edition of the biennially clattering art & design conference organized by St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. The format is organized for anyone active within art colleges, the academic design world, and industry professionals from around the globe. 

The artwork of previous editions was usually very colorful, and the tenor optimistic. By breaking with this tradition the aim was to address a more urgent state of affairs, in which students and professionals are confronted with crumbling simulacra of old agency structures and a rapidly changing creative economy. 

The oscillating optical art serves as a metaphor for the disorienting and contrasting views on art and design that will clash before the viewers’ eyes. It’s representing the dazzling spectrum of inspiration and opportunity that emerges from within this whirling debate on the practice of art and design, within and without all its institutes. 

Under the art direction of Ben Boliau and Iain Denissen, I produced video bumps, video promo, looping GIFs, and high-resolution animated and still optical artworks. Many of these objects that I generated were then used in the visual identity and complete communication rollout, including posters, flyers, website, motion, video, and assorted merchandise.

Each static or animated design on different platforms and media got applied with distinct iterations and combinations of these optical virtual objects.

Print and web design by Ben Boliau, Iain Denissen and Matthias Deckx, original sound by Tom Besters. The  motion reel above is a personal edit on all of the material.

Photos by © Paulien de Graaff.

A selection of the many seamlessly looping virtual optical objects used in the motion, video, web, and graphic designs.